Cornish Watercolour Artist

Hello there!! I am Lucy! A Cornish Watercolour Artist!!

Firstly I just want to say a quick thank you for having a look around my website! Here's just a bit about me and what I am all about!

Born and bred in the town of Bedford, my family moved to Devon in 2009 and now I could not image living anywhere other than the South West!!  I managed to achieve my dream of doing Graphic Design at Falmouth University, fell completely in love with Cornwall, met my amazing partner Simon, adopted two greyhounds - Ella & Conor - and now getting ready to settle down.

Due to suffering from severe depression and anxiety I found it incredibly hard during and after university to get out of the house, which leads to issues when trying to job hunt in order to pay bills!! Painting has always been calming and rewarding for me, it clears my mind and allows me a break from my mental illness. I decided that because I love doing it so much, and I can't really get out much anyway, why not make a living out of it! So here I am, painting what I love, with an amazing furry family in beautiful Cornish surroundings!! What more could you want!? 

I am a self-taught watercolour artist, painting with watercolour and then adding detailing and illustrations with a pen. Primarily I paint animals, but I am always learning and adapting and love to explore new possibilities!! I also have recently started doing website design and development using WordPress, and am a freelance designer, available for branding, advertising, web design, packaging, print etc. I also have a passion for photography, I love nature and Cornwall is a beautiful place to explore and photograph. 

I hope you enjoy my work and I hope this adventure I'm on will grow and develop into a beautiful journey. Thank you for being part of it already!